The current ANOC constitution defines the mission of the Association and governs its operations.

As part of ANOC’s commitment to good governance a new Constitution was adopted on 15 June 2013 at the Extraordinary General Assembly held in Lausanne. In its current version, it fundamentally reflects the principles contained in the original Constitution adopted by the ANOC Constitutive General Assembly held in June 1979 in Puerto Rico but has been updated to reflect the latest best practice. The full constitution can be downloaded here.

In November 2016, the ANOC General Assembly approved the ANOC Compliance Policy and ANOC Code of Ethics. Minor amendments have subsequently been made to the ANOC Code of Ethics including in 2018 when it was updated to be aligned with the Terms of Refernce and Procedural Rules of the newly approved ANOC Ethics Commission. The Code of Ethics can be downloaded here.

ANOC Constitution

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