NOC of Zambia Athletes’ Commission hosts athletes’ roundtable talk

The National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) hosted a roundtable discussion at OYDC – Sports Development Centre on Saturday 3October 2020. for athletes to share the challenges they face as they pursue their various careers in sports.

The discussion brought together athletes from various sporting disciplines, that included Basketball, Tennis, Judo, Boxing among others.

Among the issues they tabled included the impact of Coronavirus on the athletes with some of the athletes sharing how they have not been able to improve their form due to limitation in access to sports facilities during the near-partial lockdown that the country had experienced.

For some, it was about how they have missed international competitions that they were supposed to take part in during the course of the year.

Athletes’ Commission chairperson Suwilanji Mpondela who was also chairing the discussion set the tone of the meeting by statistically highlighting the country’s performance ranking at international tournaments and how pivotal the athletes’ commission is for all athletes.

The presentation proved a good icebreaker for the athletes as many called for the improvement in sports facilities and their better maintenance.

When almost all the views were shared Mpondela then took the opportunity to remind the athletes on the need to stay away from doping which she said was a danger to the sports fraternity.

After the event, Mpondela described the event a success while she also gave special recognition to the Zambia University Sports Association (ZUSA) for being present at the event.

She also pledged to see to it that the views raised in the discussion are given attention by presenting them to the relevant stakeholders.

Source: NOCZ

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