Paris 2024 has launched the 4th Olympic and Paralympic Week in schools across France

To celebrate the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Week being organised in schools across France, Paris 2024 is calling on everyone to get involved to help tackle the issue of sedentary lifestyles among children and adolescents.

The Olympic and Paralympic Week initiative, created during the bid phase, sets aside one week each year to focus on promoting participation in sport and sporting values in all schools and higher education centres throughout France. From 3 to 8 February 2020, the fourth Olympic and Paralympic Week will bring together 2,500 institutions and 400,000 students around 1,400 educational and sports projects nationwide. 200 athletes will also be heading out to meet students to share their passion.

Building Paris 2024’s legacy

This Olympic and Paralympic Week is also an opportunity to raise awareness of a major public health issue in France: today, 87% of French adolescents do less than one hour of physical activity per day. In 40 years, young people have lost 25% of their cardiovascular capacity, and 20% of them are overweight.

To help build awareness and enable a change in scale, looking ahead to the Paris 2024 Games, French National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer and Minister for Sport Roxana Maracineanu announced the launch of a trial initiative for “active classes”, with 30 minutes of physical activity each day at school.

Teachers can volunteer to introduce 30 minutes of physical activity into their classes each day, supported by a range of educational tools developed by teaching professionals and sports and health experts.
These 30 minutes may be split into several sections, included in class times as active breaks or offered throughout the school day (recesses, lunch breaks, etc.), as well as during extracurricular activities.
This trial initiative will be combined with arrangements to assess and measure its impacts on children’s health, fulfilment and general school environment.

Paris 2024 launches the choreography #AllezAllez to encourage young people to move more

To encourage the generation who will be living the Paris 2024 Games to get more active and do more sport, Paris 2024 wants to show that moving more each day is not only simple, but also fun!

To launch this movement, Paris 2024 has worked with Fauve Hautot to create an original choreography paying tribute to the celebrations of Olympic and Paralympic athletes from around the world. The video was shot at France’s National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP), with the French athletes Ladji Doucouré (110m hurdles world champion), Sami El Gueddari (parasport swimming champion) and Estelle Mossely (Olympic boxing champion), as well as a number of young people.

Unveiled yesterday and promoted on all the official social media platforms of Paris 2024 and its community, this choreography is intended to be shared as widely as possible to encourage people to get moving more.
What is the message for young people? Get involved! Learn the steps, together or on your own, imagine your own ideas to get moving, and above all, have fun! In the fight against sedentary lifestyles, every little helps!

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