The Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC), represented by its Secretary General, Mr. Nasser Majali and International Relations Manager, Mrs. Nadin Dawani, visited the ANOC Office on Thursday to present to ANOC Secretary General Gunilla Lindberg the development and status of the JOC Strategic Plan.

Mr. Nasser presented the three-phase strategy: INSPIRE-ENGAGE-LEAD, which aims to develop the national sport of Jordan as a whole, leveraging the recent Olympic and regional sporting successes, with the final goal of developing Jordanian sport from the grass-roots level all the way to high performance, while also increasing the positive perception of the NOC with its key stakeholders.

In parallel with these ambitious plans, the NOC is investing in improving not only its own governance but also the governance of its national federations, with the creation of standard good governance models across all members and a clear determination of key performance indicators to measure the development process.

The Jordanians concluded the meeting by saying that it has been a very challenging process, but with many important learnings, which they would like to make available to share with the NOC community in the future.

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