ANOC hosts second NOC Social Media Webinar

ANOC today hosted the second NOC Social Media Webinar as it continues to provide a platform for NOCs to listen, learn and share best practice as part of its Digital Accelerator Programme.

More than 240 people registered to attend the webinar which featured guest speakers from the NOC of Guatemala. Despite having a relatively small team at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 compared to some of the bigger nations, the NOC punched above their weight when it came to their social media performance. The team delivered social media content in a unique and compelling way which saw them finish in 19th position on the ANOC Social Media Dashboard in terms of total number of new followers and in 12th position in terms of video views in the month of August.

During the Webinar, NOC Guatemala Communications Director Lizza Alonso, Head of Graphic Design Alejandro Abadia and Audio and Video Director Luis Carlos Vélez Keller shared best practice and the lessons learnt from Tokyo.

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