National Olympic Committee of Cote d’Ivoire hosts handover ceremony for new President Georges N’Goan

The National Olympic Committee of Cote d’Ivoire (CNO-Côte d’Ivoire) hosted a handover ceremony  on 6 May between General Lassana Palenfo and new NOC President Georges Joseph N’Goan.

The handover ceremony was held in the presence of the Cabinet Secretary of the Minister of Sports François Alla Yao.

President N’Goan was elected CNO-Côte d’Ivoire President on 30 April at the Ordinary Elective General Assembly. The handover ceremony marked his official start as President.

General Palenfo handed over to his successor several documents including the Directory of the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Charter during the ceremony.

Palenfo had served the NOC since 1999.

Photo: CNO-Côte d’Ivoire

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