“Without volunteers there are no Games,” is a universal truth throughout the Olympic Movement, as volunteers have proven time and again to be essential for the organization of any sporting event at the Olympic, World, Pan American or sub-regional levels.

Volunteers have always represented the heart and soul of these events because they embody the true Olympic spirit of friendship, union and camaraderie. They bridge the gap between the youth and the adults by the mere fact of being surrounded by incredible athletes while doing their part to make the Games successful in a variety of ways. Some take time away from their studies, their jobs or their family to fulfill their dream of helping others.

Although many volunteers are from the country or city hosting the event, there are also many who travel thousands of miles just to be a part of the Olympic Movement and these incredible festivals of sport. Many of these thousands of people, both young and old, have created a strong community of volunteers who travel the world to make these great Games possible.

While it is sometimes hard and precise work, the experience of sharing moments with incredible world-class athletes and being a part of the team that delivers the Games is truly unique, and for many represents one of the most enriching and unforgettable events of their lives.

“Volunteers have always been the heart of each of the Pan American Games. They represent the joy, the excitement, the feeling, the desire and the motivation of athletes, coaches and leaders. They are the engine of the event. Without them, the Games could not be held. From now on I am calling on all Colombian youth and adults to sign up to be able to live this incredible experience of being a volunteer. They will have an amazing time, they will meet great athletes from throughout the continent, and with their contribution, they will help Colombia and all of the Americas create an unforgettable sports festival,” said Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic.

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