Beach Wrestling is a dynamic sport, full of action and throws inside a sand circle of 7 meters (23 ft) diameter.

This modern and attractive style of wrestling has its roots deep in the origins as sand wrestling was the original form of wrestling. The wrestler’s uniforms consist of board or tight shorts in addition to sport bras for women. The colours are light versus dark and every country can use their national colours.

Wrestlers can score one point by forcing their opponents to the ground with any body part other than their hands and feet or by pushing their opponent out of circle bounds. They can score 3 points by bringing their opponent down to their back. The matches have a 3 minutes time limit and the first wrestler achieving 3 points wins.


Five significant steps in the history of Beach Wrestling

2004: FILA, today known as UWW, recognizes Beach Wrestling as an integrated part of Wrestling in all its styles.

2006: The first World Beach Wrestling Championships are held in Antalya (TUR).

2019: The Beach Wrestling World Series is launched, being a series of four events around the world to determine the best beach wrestler of the year.

2019: Beach Wrestling is announced as being part of the sports program of the Youth Olympic Games in Dakar 2026 (SEN).

2021: Beach Wrestling becomes part of the sports core program of the ANOC World Beach Games 2023 and 2025.

Highlights ofBeach Wrestling

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Beach Wrestling
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